UK is not only London places to visit out of the capital

Many people visit the UK every year, and most of them mainly stay in London. While this bustling city has a lot to offer, there are also many other places worth your time outside the capital. So if you’re in the UK and are looking for a different experience, here are some great places that you can visit!


After London, Brighton is the most visited place in the UK. This amazingly lively city is known for being great for gay travellers, people with children and students ready for a party. With its amazing beach and great architecture, Brighton has a lot to offer the curious visitor. Just grab a bag of fish and chips and enjoy everything this city has to offer.


Oxford is best known for its amazing university, but it’s not the only thing to do in this city. Taking a walk around the Meadows, seeing the amazing architecture and visiting the great museums are a must when coming to Oxford. There are also many cool taverns where you can relax with a pint after a day spent sightseeing.

Fishing villages

The UK is full of great fishing villages that are worth your attention. If you want to get out of the cities and see something different, these small villages are a great choice. One of the most popular ones is Whitstable which boasts small pebble beaches, old pubs and some of the best oysters in Britain.


Best known as Shakespeare’s hometown, this place is great for Shakespeare fans, but it also has a bustling market. And if you want to see a play, you can’t beat the performances held there by the Royal Shakespeare Company.


The UK is well-known for its amazing castles. You can find them all over the place. It is said that Wales alone has over 300 castles! Some of the most popular castles in the UK are Highclere castle and Windsor castle.


If you want to have a relaxing time, visit Bath with its amazing natural hot springs. Bath is protected by UNESCO, so there is plenty of stuff to see and do there.