Top 4 italian places for Movida lovers

The Italian Movida is famous all over the world and has nothing to envy to famous locations such as Ibiza and Mykonos. If your intent is to have fun in the busiest neighborhoods and in the trendiest Italian venues, here is a guide that collects the 4 best Italian destinations for nightlife.

Calabria, Coast of the Gods

The area of the Calabria region overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea; it is a very fashionable destination, especially among young people. This stretch of Calabrian coast offers cheap accommodation, including campsites that in low season can offer rates starting at just 5 Euros! In addition to fantastic sea-views, amusements are huge. At the beaches of Tropea, Capo Vaticano and Scilla there are some of the most well-known clubs and discos, such as Zeus, Punta Cana, Macrì, Madison, and Coiba.


Ischia is one of the Italian capitals for the Movida. It is a splendid island reached every summer by thousands of youngers who, every evening, visit the “Porto” (the dock) and the very center of the island looking for entertainments. Live music shows are often organized, but, in general, there are always plenty of opportunities to roam and have fun with.


This splendid Italian region, well-known in the world, is made of ancient traditions and paradisiacal beaches. Sardinia is not only the really expensive Costa Smeralda, so if you want to find the best cheap Movida you have to target cities like Alghero and San Teodoro, which are definitely within the economic reach of most of the younger tourists. In Alghero, you will find the wonderful Coral Riviera, with the famous beaches Mugoni, Lazzaretto and Le Bombarde. The most active discos in the area are La Siesta and Il Ruscello. In San Teodoro instead, the most famous discos are Ambra Night and La Luna Glam Club.


The first place in this ranking could only be assigned to the city of the Movida par excellence, Milan. Already from the “aperitivo” time, the most popular neighborhoods are crowded with young people who do not want to miss an opportunity to have fun, relax and to socialize with others. For those who were thinking that Milan is only business, this can be a shocking truth. Corso Como and Corso Sempione are, indeed, two very fashionable areas for the aperitif. Around the Columns of St. Lawrence, including Via Torino and Piazza Duomo, is the highlight of Milan’s nightlife.